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Brighter Future


The oil and gas industry can be incredibly volatile but it all comes down to the basic economic fact of supply and demand. Petroleum engineers have brought the industry a long ways in the last ten years with new and more efficient extraction methods which has increased supply.

But the consensus is looking brighter in the long run as crude oil prices have jumped around 70% since the low point in January of 2016. At the price point of $50-60 per barrel we anticipate this will trigger the approval of new projects that have been idled in the past, and we are very close to this point now.

Smart companies who have been saving and conserving their cash and key-employee  positions will be best prepared to hit the ground running when the economics allow. Demand of course for related equipment is at a low point which has driven their prices downward, so the first companies to gear back up will reap the best benefits in the beginning. This is where ‘The Tracker’  can help before prices are driven back up again ! We invite you to review our featured items below and if you don’t see what you are looking for please call or e-mail today !

 Thank-you, Doug Shupe

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