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International Commerce: Iran Marine Diesel Engine Sales Potential


Sanctions are lifted in Iran, should you rush in or wait to see how it plays out.

First and foremost is the fact that Iran is in compliance which makes the world a safer place. Many companies have been waiting for the sanctions to be lifted in Iran not just because it opens new territory but all the residuals that will come to follow.

Iran has many areas that were not sufficiently “resupplied” with newer and better equipment. This opens the door for the US and other countries to start making headway into areas that have aging marine diesel equipment and we feel marine diesel engines and parts are near to top of the list.

With a little research you will find that there are a few products that will be some of the first to take off in this new open territory. As we poke into the ups and downs we see many will step into the market with caution as companies will be investigating trade deals. But this is not necessarily a green light for all businesses.

My Marine Tracker serves a global community for refurbished marine diesel engines, cranes and equipment – with specialty parts for oil rigs. We are currently looking into how we might service the marine diesel needs of companies in the middle east, Iran. You can trust My Marine Tracker to be on top of new channels for your product placement and our ability to provide parts globally for your repair needs.


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